Master Key Experience

January 22, 2017
by Gina Waring

Initiative-Wk 17 MKMMA

January 22, 2017 by Gina Waring
This week for the Ben Franklin makeover I chose the attribute of taking initiative. As, I made observations this week I found people taking initiative everywhere I went. From people initiating a turn at a stoplight, to a cashier taking initiative to ask me to take a survey at the end of my receipt.
This is the third week of this project and I picked taking initiative because in my network marketing business it is sometimes hard for me to initiate bringing up what I am selling. The old “Subby” knows how the rejection feels from people who don’t want to listen to you talk about your business. But, new “Subby” is becoming more confident and becoming more able to initiate things easier.
If I don’t take initiative for myself, then nothing is going to happen. It is easier for me to initiate things to people; if I am not selling anything to them. But, when I start the network marketing pitch; I try to keep it short, sweet and easy-going.
I know the mind has to give you permission to be successful. It also, has to allow you to approach people with the calm demeanor. Imitating my business is something I am working on. But, just this week I have noticed and ease at taking initiative that wasn’t there before MKMMA course started.
So, remember what you think about grows; what you don’t think about atrophies. Take initiative!



January 22, 2017
by Gina Waring

Kindness What a Concept- Wk 16 MKMMA

God encourages us to be kind to one another. God allows our hearts to be kind which leads us to do good in the world.
There are 657 Bible verses that have the word kindness in it. But, among these verses the word itself is listed 686 times.
Humans learn how to be kind at a young age or, conversely to be unkind. Some people don’t have much kindness in their lives, due to their situation in life. So, when a kind thing occurs they appreciate it and remember it. Even if you are raised with kindness it is amazing to give and receive a kind act or word. It leaves such an impact to others when you are kind.
People that grow up with learning how to be kind grow up happier and more harmonious. You reap what you sew. Thus, taking your kindness out into you community has a compounding effect. It cause a ripple to tough many, many lives.
This week during the MKMMA experience, we have been encouraged to observe as many acts of kindness that we see and record it. Then we have been challenged to do two random acts of kindness on our own; to keep it a secret. It is amazing how kindness makes people’s lives seem easier.
So now, I want to challenge everyone to try random acts of kindness on your own. Keep it a secret! It means a lot to others and does wonders for you too!

Kindness is everywhere

Kindness is all you need

January 14, 2017
by Gina Waring

Kindness Awareness MKMMA WK 16

Kindness awareness week with the Franklin Makeover! Wow, I have noticed kindnesses happening everywhere! All it takes is a little observation.

This week there were two birthdays at work. Everyone brought food items to share. It wasn’t really planned or discussed, it just happened. Pretty cool! The best part is that everyone that brought something came with something different. We had the fixings for a whole lunch by the time it was all said and done. The birthday girls were happy but the morale in the office was so positive. What a great feeling!

Kindness happened with family, too. My grand daughter ‘s 11th birthday was the 12 th. They live in a town about 4 hours away from us. We wanted to do something really special for her. When we asked her what she wanted she said she didn’t know. She had received a lot of nice things for Christmas and didn’t have any ideas. My husband came up with the idea of a date night with Grandpa. Do, he drove the 4 hours over there to take out to eat whoever she wanted. Just him and her. If course I sent along a card from us with some birthday money in it too. She was so excited about this date. They had such a good time.

i have noticed people being nice to others in the grocery store by letting others in line ahead of them. I also, have noticed people holding the door for others as they enter or leave. It is so nice to be a witness to this!

Kindnesses are happening all around me. I am part of the process by doing my best to help others! I am loving this week!


Hug more!

January 8, 2017
by Gina Waring

Positivity- Week 15 MKMMA

Positivity-Week 15 MKMMA

This too shall padd

This too shall pass

This week was very hard for me to stay positive. This is my second time through the Master Keys Course. I have always been a positive person and with the MKMMA Course, I just seem to have fit all the course requirements. But, this week my attitude slipped and I had to give myself an attitude adjustment just to stay neutral.

Here how my week went:

  1. I kept hearing running water and couldn’t seem to track it down. Then I noticed when all the water sources were off; I still heard water ruining. I started to get the feeling something was wrong. Then I noticed the tile floor in the guest bathroom was hot. I don’t have heated flooring. Grrrrrrrr. I suspected a pipe had burst.  After calling a plumber out to test to see if I was right; they found I had a hot water leak in the foundation. Just what I suspected. After, 36 hours of hard labor the plumber had the pipe fixed. $3500 dollars later I found the insurance company deductible was $2000 dollars. Great! How do I stay positive through this? I tried to let it go. This was happening and I had no control over it. The plumbers drug all the dirt they dug out on bucket st a time out the front door. Needless to say my house was a muddy mess. How do I stay positive through this? Saying this too shall pass. Now, Monday the insurance adjuster comes out. What will they cover? Should I really worry about this? NO? So why am I? See  I still need my attitude checked.
  2. ok, that is not all that happened. What? My stepson had his truck broken into at his house in Killeen, TX. They stole the boaster seat my grandson needs when he is riding in the truck. Then all the sunglasses that my stepson and his wife had in the truck were taken. These were top of the line sunglasses not just the cheap Walmart brand. Remember we live in Texas where the sun is bright outside everyday in the year. I am having a hard time understanding how people can walk up to your house and just steal stuff from your vehicle while you are at home. Again, I need a better attitude.
  3. Oh boy, this isn’t finished yet. Then my youngest stepson called his Dad to say his financial add for this next semester in college was pulled. Those funds were unavailable. What??? He is going back to school in Two weeks. He was crushed. Now what? He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to continue. He was ready to just give up.  My husband told him to go back into to financial aid and see if there was anything else that could be done. Boy what a downer. Talk about wanting to have an opinion. Well it did all work out. Some other loans were figured out to help him out. Wow do I feel like I have been on a roller coaster ride from H@@@. If you know what I mean.

Positivity may be hard to find when all your chips are down. You should still try to follow through with a better attitude. Frustration, denial, anger, Allen those feelings start rising up. But remember,  This too shall pass.”

Time will pass.

This too shall pass,