Master Key Experience

December 1, 2016
by Gina Waring

Persistence MKMMA Week 10

Persistence is what I am working on now.


Your Faith can move mountains.


This week we started Scroll 3. I love this sentence in this scroll; I will persist until I succeed.As I move forward, I continue to try. By trying, I become more successful.There are a few examples that come to my mind, that show persistence in life:

  1. The Little Engine that Could-A children’s story that tells about a little engine that couldn’t get up a hill. But, by saying “I think I can. I think I can,” and trying many times to get up the hill. The little engine finally did it!
  2. The Tale of the little Inchworm- Inch by Inch, Yard by Yard, soon you will have a mile. In this story, even though the inchworm is just a little creature it continues to crawl and move towards it’s goal. It isn’t how fast you travel or how far you go. The whole point is to just do it. Keep moving!
  3. The Engergizer Bunny?-He keeps on going and going and going. He never stops. That persistence come from a source within. His battery. What is your Source within that keeps you going?

Things I have learned about being persistent:

  • Never stop if you really want something
  • Keep moving forward
  • Don’t quit
  • Begin right away
  • Don’t waste time
  • Don’t judge yourself
  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  1. 1.
    continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.
    “one of the government’s most persistent critics”
  2. 2.
    continuing to exist or endure over a prolonged period.

    “persistent rain will affect many areas”

    synonyms: constant, continuous, continuing, continual, nonstop, never-ending, steady,uninterrupted, unbroken, interminable, incessant, unceasing, endless, unending,perpetual, unremitting, unrelenting, relentless, unrelieved, sustained

    To be persistent you need to be patient, firm and continue in a course of action, in spite of difficulty or opposition. You might feel discouraged, keep going anyway. You might meet opposition, keep going anyway. There may be obstacles that come up. Deal with Those and keep going. Keep going! Just Stick with it!

    Be persistent.

    Persistence in positivity.

November 26, 2016
by Gina Waring

Thanksgiving Week 9 MKMMA

Thanksgiving Week 9 MKMMA

Thanksgiving brings to mind all the food, fun and family we get to enjoy during this time.

This year I am thankful for so much!

     I am Thankful for:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Food
  • Fellowship
  • Work
  • MKMMA Course
  • MKMMA Tribe
  • More Remodeling of house finished

This season makes me really nostalgic for all the traditions my family set up for the holidays. I just remember Mom fixing a huge meal with Turkey, sausage dressing, cranberry salad, pineapple pistachio cool whip salad, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, onion casserole, cherry coke jello salad, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie and relish tray. I really loved it when she cooked. We would eat all day long and then have leftovers for the rest of the week.

As kids we watched the parades on TV and then all the cartoons that came on. Like Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving.

The Friday after Thanksgiving, we would decorate the house for Christmas. We would put the tree up and get all the Christmas knick knacks out. We would start baking Christmas cookies. What Fun!

Now that my Mom and Dad have passed, I have my own traditions to hand down to my family. I didn’t have any children of my own. But, when I married my husband had three from a previous marriage. So, I have kids and grandkids now to share all that I learned from my Mom.

What a blessing families are! Make sure you share your traditions and time now. Children grow up so fast! Make the time!

If you have grandkids, spoil them rotten! They will take all the good memories of good times with you and share them with their own kids as they grow up.

What a legacy, to leave a piece of yourself in their hearts for ever! That is truly something to be thankful for.

Good Health=Quality of Life

November 26, 2016
by Gina Waring

Mastermind Week 8 MKMMA


Mastermind With the Tribe


Don’t get Sidetracked

  • Mastermind With the Tribe during wk 8 of MKMMA.

On Wednesday evenings my Tribe does a zoom call and we talk about how the week with the Master Key Course is going and we talk about the assignments and the homework for the week. Well, this week we actually started sharing about what we have done to make the assignments easier or portable. So, that we continue to review as we go about our day.

There were many different suggestions on how to make technology useful in all areas of the assignments.

Here are some ideas that may help you out as well:

  1. Suggestion was made that the flash cards assignment can be cumbersome. Carrying all those cards around with you. The stack is growing. So, one of the Tribe said he takes a picture of each flash card and then makes a slide show of them. That way he has them on his phone and he doesn’t have to bring the whole stack of cards with him. It makes this activity easier to carry and portable.
  2. Another suggestion was made by another Tribe member about the visualization exercises for the week. Some people are having a hard time visualizing with their eyes close. Some are just coming up with a blank in this area. So, make observations about the ship from front to back and top to bottom. Remember the battleship this way. Then put the toy ship away so that you can’t see it. Now recall the order you made the observations in. review them in your mind.
  3. Another visualization exercise is to have a conversation with a friend who becomes your future self. This one is a hard one too. Many have a hard time with the thought of themselves in the future. When they close their eyes they can think of nothing. A Suggestion to help the visual of future self is to Make a mini dream board about you in the future. Cut out pictures of clothing you desire, or a haircut you want to have. What stores will you shop at? Will you change your hair color? Get all this laid out so that you actually can dream up your future self.
  4. One activity we are doing is have the conversation with your future self. Well, now you can visualize who you will be because of what you want to look like. But, sometimes having this make believe conversation seems a little silly. I assure you it is not. But, some are having a hard time following through with this. So, You can get a real friend, spouse, or child you know; then everyday read your DmP to them outloud. They then can begin a conversation with you regarding any of the details you included in your DMP. This gives you a tangible document to work with. It allows the conversation to be about you and your future.

Having a mastermind with the Tribe has allowed us to express our concerns over assignments and find ways to make them more doable. I also, helps us make the tasks more fun and creative.


Make it your mission to leave every person better off.

November 11, 2016
by Gina Waring
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Love in My Heart-MKMMA WK 7

Love in my heart, gets me up everyday. “I greet this day with love in my heart.” Og Mandino

I have always been a positive person all my life. I have always cared for others. But, reading Scroll II; I realize that I also have to love myself, too.

Have a good heart.

No Beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.

Sometimes, it is easier to love others than myself. I feel driven to watch over other people.I know that has been my callin all my  life. I was born an identical twin. So, I really never been alone. I was the dominate twin and cared for my sister all my young life. Then, after High School; I went to college to become a teacher. I taught middle school for 31 years. I loved every minute because I really took care of my students and helped them become young adults.

Now, being retired; I am taking the MKMMA course for the second time. Each time I go through this course I find out something new. I realize this is growth.

As much as I have read Scroll II, this is the first time I have realized that it says to love yourself as well as others. Well, being a church girl, I know this already. But, do I practice this? Am I loving myself as much as others? Probably not.

Wow! Here is a new development. I need to give myself as much as I love others. The reality is, I am pretty hard on myself. But, that is all going to change for the better.

So, being reminded of that fact; I am now working on taking care of myself, too. I know my love will be brighter and softer because of loving myself first.

Loving yourself.

Love yourself for all you have been and all you will become.




  • Love God
  • Love Yourself
  • Love Others

November 3, 2016
by Gina Waring

MKMMA Wk 6 – The Movie Poster

Five things

5 things to tell yourself

MKMMA WK 6 – The Movie Poster

The Movie Poster-Week 6 has been a week of many assignments. One of the assignments is The Movie Poster. Wow! I am a very visual person and this is the coolest idea. It has allowed me to put a lot of color impact on it. The assignment is to take our DMP which is our Dharma and put up visual aspects to represent each piece of our future.

We had a mastermind on my Tribe meeting call last night. I asked everyone how they were handling this assignment.

The Movie Poster project had many suggestions from the group. Some said they cut out magazine pictures to represent their future desires. Some took photographs and attached them to their board. Others actually went out on Google and printed off exact pictures of houses, cars and travel spots they are wanting to obtain.  One suggestion was to cut out words that represented some of their goals. It could be feeling words, like: awesome, right on, or loving it. Some words could be describing words for things that are being desired, like: Big House, More Money, Bright future. A 3-D example was to put a toy compass on the board to represent the path your Dharma will follow. Or, to put a toy magnifying glass on there, to allow your subconscious work on the details of their future. Also, a 3-D example might be to take and origami shape and use it. For example, a paper air plane to represent travel. There are different stickers you can get from Hobby Lobby that can depict the Smart Goals or PPN’s.

This project can be as colorful and packed with pictures, words, phrases and more. Get Excited and make it your own!

I want to say Thank you to my Tribe for sharing your ideas with each other. It makes the experience more meaningful!

List of Steps to Movie Poster

  • Purchase supplies, Poster, tape, glue, markers, stickers, colored pencils, magazines to cut out of, printer paper and anything else you might think of.
  • Cut or print out pictures to be used.
  • Glue or tape down
  • Cut out or write on colored paper shapes: words or phrases to add for impact.
  • Add 3-d Toys – Magnifier and compass
  • Make 3-d origami or paper air planes or snowflakes or any 3-D item that fits your Dharma
  • Place somewhere you will see it everyday
  • Take a picture of it.
  • Make a wallet size.
  • Make a book mark size.
  • Put it on your wallpaper on your cell phone.
  • Print copies for your car or cars.
  • Print one for work.
  • Print one and put it on your Refrigerator.