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The Blues. What do I do about them?

Time will pass.

This too shall pass,

Feeling blue after two trips made me miserable for awhile.In July, I had taken two big trips. One was a 9 Day Road trip from Dallas to Yellowstone National Park. Then to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Then Back to Dallas. The second trip I spent eight days in Kauai, Hawaii. I was it was my first time there.
Needless to say; I had a great time on both trips. It was hard to come back to reality.

So, feeling blue for several weeks had me down in the dumps. I was feeling very gloomy. Not wanting to do anything. Just laying around. I was not very productive at anything.


Be happy.

I had to do something about these blues. But what?

Besides getting a lot of rest, I decided to get active with some of the things I like to do. So, I begin working on restoring some of the old doors in our house; sanding them down and painting them. Seeing them look brand-new again made me feel good. Wow, I was a little less blue!

So,I decided to get out some new recipes and start cooking. I love to cook and try new things. So I was having fun again. I was feeling much better!

To feel a little less blue, I’ve spent more time with my pets. I have four dogs. They always make me feel better. Hey I’m no longer blue.

So to recap:
When I have the blues, I did several things to get rid of them.
1) I got it. Example: I did yoga, water aerobics and walked some.
2) I worked on some creative projects. Like refinishing my old doors. You could do smarts and crafts projects, plant some flowers, take a painting class.
3) Bake or cook some new recipes. It is always fun to try new foods.
4) Play with your pets. Let them love on you. You’ll feel less blue.

Having the blues is not any fun! But, you can change your mental state of mind by getting active and doing things you like to do to help lift that blue mood.

Life is good!


Road Trip – USA


States of America

My husband and I took a road trip last week. We went to 12 states in nine days. We started in Texas, went to New Mexico; drove up to Taos then to Durango Colorado. We rode the train to Silverton. It is one of the trains that they refurbished and brought back to life. The train goes through the gorge and travels over and around a river. We saw to be this area. Great fun! We spent the night in Durango Colorado then drove ktowards Yellowstone National Park. So, we went through Utah and Wyoming.
Utah welcome sign

Welcome to Utah!

We got to see Old Faithful go off. It was so beautiful the water shot 40 feet high in the air. Then we walked 3 miles around old faithful, to see all the other types of gysers. There were so many. I really had no idea! We spent the night in a little hotel in Ashton Idaho. The next day we drove back into Yellowstone and took a drive up to the north entrance. Again what a beautiful area. Then we drove through Montana. Of course, we saw some different animals; deer, elk, Chipmunks, squirrels, Racoons, badgers, bison, ducks, pheasants and more. My husband had never been to North Dakota or South Dakota so we drove through North Dakota down to North Platte and then to South Dakota. When we were in South Dakota we drove to Mount Rushmore.
National Monument

South Dakota

I have seen it as a kid; but boy has it changed. What another remarkable day we spent. The national monument has a lot of history; which we enjoyed learning about. From Mount Rushmore we drove down to Nebraska. As the scenery change, I realize what a wonderful world our Lord has created. From Nebraska to Kansas and Oklahoma and back to Texas. I was able to check a few things off my bucket list. One: to visit Yellowstone National Park two: to see Old Faithful explode. Three: To travel to the states I've never been to; like Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah. Four: To ride the trainin Durango,Colorado. I i encourage everyone; if you have a dream, Just do it. If you have a bucket list; Go for it!

June 29, 2016
by Gina Waring
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Mosquito Bite Scars?


Mosquitos in Texas, where I live are out almost 10 months of the year. The only time we don’t have mosquitos is when the temperatures drop down to 40 degrees. So, late November, December and January are about the only months we aren’t bothered by pesky mosquitos.

Mosquitos just love me. I get bit all the time. But, I always have a reaction to the bite. It really becomes inflamed and itchy. Wow, sometimes I look like I have chicken pox because I have so many red bumps caused by mosquitos. This kind of reaction causes deep scars that turn black or blue. They don’t go away either. It is very discouraging to have these scars on your legs when you are trying to go out in shorts or a swimsuit. I get so disgusted!

I have done a lot of research. Through trial an error; I have found some products that work to help fade these scars. Sometimes, if you can treat the mosquito bite with a liquid Benadryl or Caladryl it can stop the itching and the inflammation. Coming from me, when having an allergic reaction the itching is really difficult to ignore. So, keep one of these on hand. They can give immediate relief. If you don’t scratch the bite open the scar will be smaller.

It can be very embarrassing to have to wait forever to have this deep black and blue marks heal. While waiting I have felt like I should never wear shorts or a bathing suit. My legs look to awful! Life is too short. Don’t let it pass you by! So, one of the remedies I have found that temporarily helps the way these scars look is leg make up. What?? You never knew there was such a thing? Yep! There is. You can go to CVS or Walgreens and get your shade. Make sure you get waterproof. That way if you sweat or get wet if won’t run everywhere.
Now when putting on the makeup, use enough to cover the top of you feet and ankles. Then put and even coat all the way up your leg. Spread it as far as you need it to go. It has given me confidence when I had none.

Another way to help the look of Mosquito bite scars is to use a self tanner, or go and get a spray tan. I am so pasty white that this definitely helped the look of the scars on my legs. Make sure if you use tanner on your legs you do the rest of you body, too. You don’t want your legs to stand out in the wrong way. So make sure your arms, face, neck etc. matches the color your legs are.

Mosquitos can also be deterred by taking a vitamin B1. Take one everyday. I just found this out. Never knew! Now I do! I am taking it everyday. I have been taking it for about 3 weeks. So far I have only had one bite since taking the B1 vitamin. Usually I look like a pin cushion. But, remember I am still battling old scars. So, getting new ones just add to the misery. Well now I just go with the flow. Do what I can and keep going.

Tea Tree essential oil is wonderful for the inflammation of a mosquito bite and very soothing for the itch after a bite happens. Carrot essential oil is wonderful for your skin, it can help with the dark scars. Vitamin k oil or Vitamin E oil are excellent for fading spots. Arnica essential oil is one of the best oils to help fade this marks. Arnica can be found in a gel or ointment, too. Coconut oil is also very good for your skin. It does a great job fading scars. I found a great product at my local natural drug store. It is called Scargo. It is an oil that your massage into your legs. It has a combination of about 6 different oils that help compound the healing of these mosquito marks.

You need to exfoliate your legs by using a pumice stone or loofa sponge. Do this three times a week while you are in the shower or bath. Another way to exfoliate and treat this spots while in the shower or tub; is to use a natural tea tree oil soap or a coco butter soap. Treat and exfoliate at the same time.

Just remember life is too short! Go do what you have planned to do. Don’t stop short because of a little Mosquito. You can overcome this!

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June 27, 2016
by Gina Waring
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Natural Laundry Soap



Laundry Soap

Natural Laundry Soap is easy to make yourself. I have always wanted to make my own. There are many reasons to want to make it yourself. One is to save money. It averages out to cost only two cents a load. You can make a lot in advance and have it ready.Two is to be able to wash clothes with natural ingredients. Three I am allergic to many things and this laundry soap does not affect me in anyway.

This soap uses 20 Mule Team Borax, Arm & Hamer Washing Powder and Stain Remover called Fels Naptha. Each of these ingredients are all natural.

Let’s discuss what Borax is commonly known a sodium borate. It contains Boron. This is an organic mineral found in the soil. It is a white powdery substance and can be mixed to make other cleaning products.

Washing Powder:
Arm & Hamer Washing Powder is a white powdery substance. It is made of Baking Soda and is an all natural booster that helps freshen and clean laundry. It is used to bump up what laundry detergent does for your clothes.

Fels Naptha:
The Third ingredient is the Fels Naptha Stain Removing Soap. This product is made by the Dial Company. It is sold as a bar of soap to be used for stain removal. It is made of Hydro carbons. It is a natural product.

Here is the recipe:
You can use 1 cup of borax
1 cup washing powder
and 1 bar Fels Naptha

I made a whole batch to keep to use a head. That recipe is:

1 box of borax (About 7 cups)
1 box of washing powder (About 7 cups)
7 bars of Fels Naptha. Grated fine. ( I used an old cheese grater)
Then I put this in a Tupperware bowl. Put the lid on and mix up.
This is a dry mix. You can always just use the dry mix for any washer that is not an HE washer.

To use in and HE Washer you will make a wet mix. Take 1 cup of the dry mixture and add 2 cups of water. Shake to mix. I put my liquid mixture in a large bell glass jar with a lid. When you use it in the washer always shake up the liquid.
You can put it directly into the washing machine with your clothes. You don’t have to put it down the drawer for adding liquid to washer.


I am always excited when I can save myself money and use something that is all natural. I hope you try this and get a kick out of this project too!

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June 25, 2016
by Gina Waring

Foods I Love in the Summertime

Good nutrition

Eat Well

Summer is a great time to add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. There are fruits and vegetables in season that we don’t get often in the wintertime.
Some of the fruits I love best fresh are watermelon, peaches, plums, pears, melons, cherries and rhubarb. Some of the vegetables I love in the summertime are cucumbers, radishes, corn on the cob, garden fresh green beans, fresh peas, cabbage, asparagus, avocado, and onions.

I love to go to the farmer’s market to get the freshest produce I can find.
I also, like to go the farms close to my hometown and pick my own items.
Eating things that are fresh and not frozen or canned is such a treat.
Other ways I have tried to get the freshest items is the food baskets you can order in advance and go pick them up. These are great you can choose to go all organic too. Just google on line to find out where to go in your area.

I love to can fruits and vegetables so that I can have the summer flavors anytime. If you have not tried to can, it is pretty easy. But, you can buy kits with everything you need to get started. It is a lot of fun and something to look forward to doing in the summer. You can even pickle cucumbers and make your own tomato sauce. Try it. You will like it.

Also, it is grilling time. We grill meat out almost every weekend. But, you can also grill your own fruits and vegetables. Squash, zucchini, onion, tomato, corn on the cob; it is all delicious! Now, they make a tray you can grill the vegetables on and not have them fall through the grates on the grill.
Fruit slices for dessert can be grilled. Like pineapple or apples. Yummy!

I live in Texas and we grill a lot of meat. I love, love, love brisket off the grill. Slow cooked, it is amazing. We also love to make stuffed hamburger patties. We cut up a bunch of fillings. Like: grated cheese any kind, onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, bacon, and whatever else you like. Grilling can be a family event. Everyone gets what they want. Of course we do the traditional grilling of steaks, pork chops, hotdogs, chicken, brauts, and much more.
Another fun thing to do on the grill is pizza. It is easy and quick.
I use the refrigerated pizza dough and divide it out to make small individual pizzas. Then Each person can pick the type of sauce they want. The sauces I put out are the marinara, alfredo, and olive oil. Then I have hamburger, peperoni, shredded cooked chicken, Canadian bacon, tomatoes, onions, garlic, pineapple, mushrooms, black olives and spinach set out for toppings. I grate up different cheeses so people can choose what they want. Grill the crusts for a few minute first. Have everyone put their crust on greased piece of heavy aluminum foil. That way they won’t stick to the grill and you can flip the cruse to grill both sides. Once the crust is not doughy anymore put your sauce and toppings on. Put the pizza back on the grill until the topping have been heated and the cheese melted. Fun Yummy!

There is so much more to do with summertime foods. Fresh fruit pies and cobblers are so tasty. Watermelon that has be chilled in the refrigerator and sliced is so refreshing. Fresh lemons grown locally; I like to use to make homemade lemon aid.

Wow, writing this has made me hungry. Guess I will go slice and eat a cucumber!
Enjoy your summer. Get out there and eat well!