Master Key Experience

October 25, 2016
by Gina Waring

MKMMA Week 5 2016-Life

Mkmma Week 5 2016 – “Today I begin a New Life” Og Mandino.


live in awe


I have been battling with the thought that next year I will be turning 60. Who would have thought? As a kid I never thought I would see the day come that I would be old.

But, as I read Scroll One from The Greatest Salesman  by Og Mandingo; I realize that I can shed my old self and gain my new self. I imagine shedding the old sun worn, wrinkled shell into this  smooth, unmarked form that is the new me.


Live life.


Live life as it has just begun.

live in awe.

My life has just begun.

Then I remember the song they played at my graduation from high school…:

  • “We’ve Only Just Begun” lyrics
    THE CARPENTERS LYRICS”We’ve Only Just Begun”We’ve only just begun to live
    White lace and promises
    A kiss for luck and we’re on our way
    We’ve only begun

    Before the rising sun we fly
    So many roads to choose
    We start out walking and learn to run
    And yes, we’ve just begun

    Sharing horizons that are new to us
    Watching the signs along the way
    Talking it over just the two of us
    Working together day to day

    And when the evening comes we smile
    So much of life ahead
    We’ll find a place where there’s room to grow
    And yes, We’ve just begun.


    So, this next birthday; I am going to remember I am as young as I feel and act. Age is just a number. It doesn’t have to be a judgement.  In my mind I am still sixteen.




October 24, 2016
by Gina Waring

Skills or leads

Hey there,

I just learned that out of 200 people 174 said they’d take leads over skills.


They need them.


The failed with their warm market and with other leads they had.

Where’s the logic?

If friends and relatives did NOT like what we had to say, what in the
world would make anyone think strangers would like it any better? Good

Everybody knows if we are going to make some money we need to talk to
people. And that is a skill. Period

The Go90Grow� skill-based video series is creating a buzz because
people are picking up a couple of quick skills, like rejection free
recruiting and getting instant results. In just a couple days close
to 500 people have joined he conversation. And are getting results.

It’s skills, not leads, that build leaders and everybody knows you
simply cannot teach what you do not know.

Up until a year ago, Go90Grow� was probably the best kept secret
about real training in MLM. No more.

If a $50,000,000 company hired Mark j & The Fab D to get their hands
on this training for all their reps it would be news. That is exactly
what has happened and it’s news you can use.

But that’s not why it’s not a secret anymore.

It’s because that company had 197% growth since getting the Go90Grow
Training for every rep. WOW.

I know I’ve emailed you about this a few times. It’s because it’s
important that you grab this training and learn the skills. It’s
skills that build leaders and new enrollees…and that leads to

It simply does not happen the other way around…so what do you want
to go hunting for today? Skills or leads?


Gina Waring


October 19, 2016
by Gina Waring

MKMMA 2016 Week 4


Good things are coming!

Mkmma 2016 Week 4- Color my world. This week I am working on my visual progressions, watching for shapes everywhere. I see red circles and blue rectangles everywhere.

Remember that song? Color my world…..

How does it go?

  • Lyrics
    As time goes on
    I realize
    Just what you mean
    To me
    And now
    Now that you’re near
    Promise your love
    That I’ve waited to share
    And dreams
    Of our moments together
    Color my world with hope of loving you

Well, this is how I have felt this week.


This Week everything has seemed more colorful, more vibrant. Practically all the flowers I planted in my garden this week look as though they were painted with beautiful oil paints. Just dripping with hues.

The progressions of the shapes, the flash cards, my DMP and the readings are making my mind work overtime. With the MKMMA Week 4, I am realizing more details, as I move about my day.

My dreams are more vibrant and visual. I am remembering more about them after I wake up!

Everything is in color! I am surrounded with the beauty of what my mind allows me to see.


Bright, brilliant, vibrant





October 14, 2016
by Gina Waring

Awe Week 3 2016 MKMMA

Awe may lead to health and happiness. It is week 3 of my 2nd year with  MKMMA, 2016. In the Sunday paper last week, in the Parade magazine there was an article called “AWE”. It starts out, “How the soul-stirring wonder sparked by a shooting star or a majestic peak can transform your health and happiness.” This sounds like my journey in The Master Key Experience. Through this program my awe and child like wonder is back and I am loving it.

What is the definition of awe?



Awe is an emotion comparable to wonder but less joyous. On Robert Plutchik’s wheel of emotions awe is modeled as a combination of surprise and fear.

The article by Paula Spencer Scott, states “Awe is the felling of being in the presence of something vast or beyond human scale, that transcends our current understanding of things,” says psychologist Dacher Keltner, who heads the University of CA Berkeley’s Social Interaction Lab.
Everyone has had and awe inspired experience once or twice in their life. Usually, they are memorable, monumental and possibly life changing. Examples might be: looking at the moon through a telescope, seeing the birth of a puppy, or surviving a major accident and walking away from it. Having that awe experience allows us to see life in a different way.  Sometimes the awe we experience, cause us to stop and think about things. Without that awe, we just walk through life with a normal perspective. A mind switch happens when our frame of mind changes.
Awe has a healing potential. This article states, “Though this is still pretty new science, it’s already being applied to the real world.” When people express themselves after having an awe inspiring experience people feel less marginalized. They feel life is still good.
Having awe allows us all  to be more positive. It can bring us out of depression. It can change moods and build confidence.
The above explanation describes what happened to me with the Master Key Course. Being Awe inspired by the readings and exercises through the MKE continues to allow me to strive to be positive and reach for my potential.
godd Awe ….


October 9, 2016
by Gina Waring

MKMMA Week2 2016 – PPNS are Introduced

MKMMA Week 2 2016 – PPNS are introduced.

the first week: One of the most important things we learn in the MKMMA course is to write our Definite Major Purpose. A DMP is our future “self” on paper. It is the why we are doing what where doing. It is the dreams and desires of where we want our future to go. How we want our business to work out. Also, future relationships are planned out.

Never gives a positive life  A Negative Mind


Week Two with PPNs helps us hone in on what is really important to us. This importance manifests itself in needs. We select two from the list below.

A List of Personal Pivotal Needs:

1.Personal Pivotal Needs – PPNs:
2.Legacy – Your work lives on
3.Spiritual Growth
Ability to do, come & go as you please
Not having to answer to anybody
Resources ($) to do what you want with no limits
Money\Ability to do things you want to do
6.Helping Others
7.Recognition for Creative Expression –
Could be the home you create, the environment in your home, on stage, public or privately.

8.public or privately.
What do you want to create in your life and be rewarded for it?
True Health
Physical, mental, & emotionally
More than just being physically fit

Having Personal Pivotal needs woven into our future self, gives us the drive we need to make our purpose work the best for the desires we require.



The DMP should be much more specific at this point by adding the personal pivotal needs.The more vivid you can describe what you desire, the easier for your subconscious to get to work on it! So, adding emotion, details, dates, descriptions and ppns; the plan for your future takes shape. This is a many phase process. To be specific and detailed from the first draft is hard to do because you are designing your new “you” are you are thinking about your DMP more and more. Often, the more you think about it the tighter the design of your future can become.